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Simulated Events:

  • We have developed this outstanding methodology to get the real feel of organizing and managing an event
  • Students are trained to make a replica of an event and present it live in the classroom
  • The exercise gives the student’s an opportunity to identify the finer nuances of event execution thereby helping them to identify key success factors and areas of improvement

In House Events:

Students are provided with an opportunity to work on in-house events right from the start to the finish, to provide them with hands on experience, which help them to gain excellent event organizational skills. List of some of the In-House events organized by us are given below:

  • Mr. & Ms. Academia- A Beauty Pageant
  • College Personality- A Personality Contest for College Students
  • Josh- Inter Collegiate Youth Festival

Case Studies:

Case studies highlighting various practical and situational issues are regularly discussed during our normal classroom sessions. Exploring such live Case Studies and then identifying what has went wrong in that case or what could have been done better in that situation helps our students to streamline their thought process. This exercise also improves the analyzing ability of our student.