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event management career opportunities

Career Prospects

First Mover Advantage

With such promising future ahead for this industry, the demand for qualified personnel will continue to be on the rise. Early entrants in this industry can benefit from this first mover advantage, leading to a progressive and promising career ahead.

Lucrative Earnings

Event management has emerged as a very lucrative and most sought after industry in recent years. With the number of individuals / companies hosting and organizing events going up at a rapid pace, has resulted in a huge demand for qualified event manager, who have the necessary skill-sets required in visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events. However, since the supply of well-qualified, professional event managers is still not sufficient to cater to the ever-rising demands of this industry, there are greater employment and earnings opportunities for professionals aiming to enter this field.

Passion Pays

Event management jobs are the best option for people with an outgoing and friendly nature. The jobs require go-getters who are always on the move. They must have the zest and zing to make events happen. They must be good with their communication skills and also presentable as they are always interacting with important people. An aspirant in event management should've cruising in him, a passion for events and flexibility of time and schedule.

Varied Designations

One can work as an Junior / Senior Event Manager with any of the long list of dedicated Event Management Consulting & Organizing corporate house in India & Abroad. Some of the job positions / designations available for an Event Management Professionals are Event Planner, Event Coordinator, Event Production Head / Team member, Public Relations Officer, Event (Budgeting & Finance) Executive, Event Legal Executive etc.

Target Industries

Such positions at various management levels can be sought after at T.V. channels, PR Agencies, Media Companies, Films and Serial production houses, Hotels, Travel & Tourism companies, Advertising & Brand Consultants, Marketing Consultants, etc.

Our Students are placed in following Industries :
  • ● Corporate Houses
  • ● Star Hotels / Resorts / Clubs
  • ● Print Media
  • ● Radio Stations
  • ● Advertising Agencies
  • ● Lifestyle Malls
  • ● PR Agencies
  • ● T.V. Channels
  • ● Media Houses
  • ● Movie Production Houses
  • ● Educational Institutes
  • ● Travel & Tourism Companies
  • ● Music Companies
  • ● Super Specialty Hospitals
  • ● M.I.C.E. Industries
  • ● Fashion Houses
  • ● Sports Management Companies
  • ● Experiential Marketing Companies
  • ● NGO
  • ● Social Media
  • ● Event Management Companies