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Placements Team at NAEMD provides an opportunity for students to interview with top employers for some of the most competitive internships and full-time jobs available in the industry. Organizations from a wide variety of industries recruit students through the On-Campus Recruitment program.

Some of the companies where Students have secured placements are Wizcraft, CII, Times of India, Percept D' Mark, ClockWork, FICCI, Fountain Head, Fremantle Media, Gujarat Tourism, Green Chillies, LJS, 70 EMG, Time Box (sab), Green Leaves Management, Red Events, Go Bananas, Viva Events, True Events, Fusion Events, Pico International - Dubai, Shaimak Davar, ABEC, Times-Red Cell, 7ty7 Entertainment, Let’s Camp Out, Reliance JIO, Ideas Unlimited, Red Cherries, Candid Communication, Prasang Events, Gandhi Corporation, Event Tadka, Razzmatazz Events, Rajasthan Patrika, Divya Bhaskar, Mosaic Events, Global Pharma, Food Link, Coconut Media, Absolute Events, Kothari Jewellers, Sterling Hospital, R One, Adani Group and many more...

Aaishu Bhadricha Placement in Interflora
Aaishu Bhadricha
Aditya Sankpal Placement in Liquid Communication LLP
Aditya Sankpal
Liquid Communication LLP
Ammar Azmi Placement in OMCPL
Ammar Azmi
Apoorva Singh Placement in Aquilla Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Apoorva Singh
Aquilla Digital Pvt Ltd
Caroline Vincent Placement in Octave Ent
Caroline Vincent
Octave Ent
SGeetanjali Joshi Placement in Victor Tango
Geetanjali Joshi
Victor Tango
Kapil Tamrakar Placement in DNA Networks
Kapil Tamrakar
DNA Networks
Megha Chaturvedi Placement in
Megha Chaturvedi
Narendra Kumar Placement in Brit Worldwide
Narendra Kumar
Brit Worldwide
Piyush Jagtap Placement in Percept
Piyush Jagtap
Rahul Nathan Placement in Reynolds Events
Rahul Nathan
Reynolds Events
Roweena Peters Placement in Orra Events
Roweena Peters
Orra Events
Sanjeev Siva Placement in Mantra Events & Promotion
Sanjeev Siva
Mantra Events & Promotion
Shraddha Chauhan Placement in Sheer Management
Shraddha Chauhan
Sheer Management
Supriya Hardikar Placement in Emars Events
Supriya Hardikar
Emars Events
Utsav Desai Placement in S10 Makers
Utsav Desai
S10 Makers
Viraj Pokar Placement in KYC Events
Viraj Pokar
KYC Events
Aakriti Gautam Placement in Triangular Dots
Aakriti Gautam
Triangular Dots
Adwait Patankar Placement in SFA Sporting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Adwait Patankar
SFA Sporting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Anand Agrawal Placement in Daksh Events
Anand Agrawal
Daksh Events
Asmita Sakkale Placement in Production Crew Entertainment Private Limited
Asmita Sakkale
Production Crew Entertainment Private Limited
Charmi Saraiya Placement in Glow Show World Events
Charmi Saraiya
Glow Show World Events
Grishma Nair Placement in ITW Playworx
Grishma Nair
ITW Playworx
Khyati kothari Placement in Mercury Integrated
Khyati kothari
Mercury Integrated
Meghana Vora Placement in ITW Consulting
Meghana Vora
ITW Consulting
Nikita Divecha Placement in M W Events Pvt Ltd
Nikita Divecha
M W Events Pvt Ltd
Pooja Rajesh Placement in Red Entertainment
Pooja Rajesh
Red Entertainment
Rajat Gandhi Placement in OMCPL
Rajat Gandhi
Ruslan Fernandes Placement in Bucketlist
Ruslan Fernandes
Sarfaraj Shaikh Placement in Production Crew
Sarfaraj Shaikh
Production Crew
Shraddha More Placement in A Velvet Box
Shraddha More
A Velvet Box
Surjit Saini Placement in Think Events
Surjit Saini
Think Events
Vaishnavi V Placement in RED FM Telgu
Vaishnavi V
RED FM Telgu
Vishal Parashar Placement in Cachet Event & Design
Vishal Parashar
Cachet Event & Design
Abhay Trivedi Placement in Machaoo Events
Abhay Trivedi
Machaoo Events
Anirudha Aravind Placement in Reet Entertainment
Anirudha Aravind
Reet Entertainment
Avantika Rathore Placement in Nagpals Exhibition Conferences
Avantika Rathore
Nagpals Exhibition Conferences
Deeksha Arora Placement in Theme Weavers
Deeksha Arora
Theme Weavers
Harsh Shah Placement in Nash Experience
Harsh Shah
Nash Experience
Kushal Narwade Placement in Sony Pictures Entertainmen
Kushal Narwade
Sony Pictures Entertainmen
Milind Sirodariya Placement in Celebra Dreams
Milind Sirodariya
Celebra Dreams
Nisarg Dhairya Placement in Koncept Weddings
Nisarg Dhairya
Koncept Weddings
Pratik Raj Placement in Think Events
Pratik Raj
Think Events
Rasika Samel Placement in Team Limelight
Rasika Samel
Team Limelight
Sagar Barapatre Placement in Ajivasan Music Academy
Sagar Barapatre
Ajivasan Music Academy
Saurabh Vora Placement in Woodcraft Events
Saurabh Vora
Woodcraft Events
Shreyash Thakkar Placement in Catalyst Event & Design Solutions
Shreyash Thakkar
Catalyst Event & Design Solutions
Sushant Kanodia Placement in Radio Mirchi
Sushant Kanodia
Radio Mirchi
Varun Jha Placement in Fountainhead
Varun Jha
Vithikakaur Virdi Placement in Reet Entertainment
Vithikakaur Virdi
Reet Entertainment
Aditi Gupta Placement in Woodcraft Events
Aditi Gupta
Woodcraft Events
Akash Shah Placement in Bon Evento
Akash Shah
Bon Evento
Ankit Kumar Placement in THOT Media Pvt. Ltd.
Ankit Kumar
THOT Media Pvt. Ltd.
Ayush Iyer Placement in Kreativer Marketing and Events
Ayush Iyer
Kreativer Marketing and Events
Deepak Kumar Agarwal Placement in Phoenix Live
Deepak Kumar Agarwal
Phoenix Live
Jareena Joseph Placement in Inspirit Hospitality LLP
Jareena Joseph
Inspirit Hospitality LLP
Leena Pandav Placement in Miss India Organisation
Leena Pandav
Miss India Organisation
Mital shah Placement in Yolo Entertainment
Mital shah
Yolo Entertainment
Nitin Das Placement in Strategic Design
Nitin Das
Strategic Design
Prerna Bisht Placement in EXICON Media
Prerna Bisht
Richa Anchan Placement in DNA Networks
Richa Anchan
DNA Networks
Sakshi Srivastava Placement in Coalesce
Sakshi Srivastava
Shauryaa Purohit Placement in Seventy EMG
Shauryaa Purohit
Seventy EMG
Shubham Laddhad Placement in Tashipta Events & Entertainment
Shubham Laddhad
Tashipta Events & Entertainment
Swagata Dastidar Placement in FreMantle
Swagata Dastidar
Vedant Sharma Placement in Sahara Star
Vedant Sharma
Sahara Star
Yash Panchal Placement in The Wedding Junction
Yash Panchal
The Wedding Junction
Ankit Singh Placement in 7 Sigma Experiences
Ankit Singh
7 Sigma Experiences
Bhargav Dutta Placement in Mukti Manch
Bhargav Dutta
Mukti Manch
Dipika Patil Placement in Shringaar Events
Dipika Patil
Shringaar Events
Jayant Kedia Placement in Mercury Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd
Jayant Kedia
Mercury Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd
Manendra Singh Placement in Venus Hospitality
Manendra Singh
Venus Hospitality
Monika Suthar Placement in Big Feather Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Monika Suthar
Big Feather Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Pankhuri Saxena Placement in CS Direkt
Pankhuri Saxena
CS Direkt
Priya Sarwankar Placement in Sahara Star
Priya Sarwankar
Sahara Star
Rohan Prajapati Placement in Trip Navigator
Rohan Prajapati
Trip Navigator
Samiksha Bhandari Placement in Think Events
Samiksha Bhandari
Think Events
Shikha Singh Placement in 14 Peaks Event Logistic Solutions Pvt Ltd
Shikha Singh
14 Peaks Event Logistic Solutions Pvt Ltd
Sreelakshmi Nair
Sreelakshmi Nair
Tanushree Panja Placement in Coalesce
Tanushree Panja
Venkatesh Valluvan Placement in Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd
Venkatesh Valluvan
Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd
Aditi Payelkar Placement in Exicon Media
Aditi Payelkar
Exicon Media
Amanaat Chauhan Placement in Silverstone
Amanaat Chauhan
Annu Antony Placement in The Doli Diary
Annu Antony
The Doli Diary
Burhanuddin Shaikh Placement in Reynold Weddings
Burhanuddin Shaikh
Reynold Weddings
Garima Srivastava Placement in Rising Events
Garima Srivastava
Rising Events
Kanupriya Gupta Placement in Essence Transmedia Pvt. Ltd.
Kanupriya Gupta
Essence Transmedia Pvt. Ltd.
Mansi Singh Placement in Transformance Forums
Mansi Singh
Transformance Forums
Mrudula Lahoti Placement in AMP India
Mrudula Lahoti
AMP India
Payal Khandelwal Placement in Trip Navigator
Payal Khandelwal
Trip Navigator
Priyanka Choradia Placement in Essence Transmedia
Priyanka Choradia
Essence Transmedia
Ronjyoti Brahma Placement in SOL Exp
Ronjyoti Brahma
Sandhya Sharma Placement in FreMantle
Sandhya Sharma
Shivam Jindal Placement in Malson Media
Shivam Jindal
Malson Media
Stanford Vas Placement in Reynold Weddings
Stanford Vas
Reynold Weddings
Tushar Sharma Placement in Trip Navigator
Tushar Sharma
Trip Navigator
Vijay Puri Placement in Insider IN
Vijay Puri
Insider IN