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About NAEMD Institute

NAEMD Academy of Event Management & Development

NAEMD Academy of Event Management & Development, is an institute dedicated to producing highly professional individuals in the field of Event Management. With the focused aim of creating professionally, academically and ethically sound event managers and executives, NAEMD contributes to this burgeoning space in India.

NAEMD is the first institute in India to collaborate with Universities, colleges and institutions who offer courses in Event Management. Identifying the need for experts in the industry, NAEMD instils in students basic and advanced theories and techniques in the discipline of management, marketing, public relations, finance, tourism, law, etc. related to the field of events.


To effectively develop leading individuals in the field of event management, with the aid of our world class education platform.


These values are our core competencies and aid us in fostering a collaborative working and learning environment.

  • High ethical and moral standards
  • Mutual trust and teamwork
  • Passion for excellence
  • Research and innovation as a way of life
  • Recognition of efforts and achievements
  • Service & respect towards the community & industry