NAEMD - Asia's Best

Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

Corporate Events

corporate event management course

The segment pertaining to corporate event management comprises the scope of unleashing one’s creative potential amid a professional setting. In other words, it emphasizes on the contretized training prior to efficient event planning and execution.

corporate event management course

Moreover, this segment mandates a disciplined approach and meticulous deliberation while striving to perform the best. And India as a developing hub of corporate events and culture engenders a cross functional mobility across various stakeholders.

Events such as company’s award functions, press conferences, and other organizational activities demand enormous sincerity and skill-set implementation on the part of the event managers. Thus, aspirants aiming to join this segment shall be provided with an on-ground training of various techniques of corporate event management. Additionally, syndicating these techniques with conceptual significance shall optimally impact the development of event managers in this field.

In short, choose this segment and we shall cultivate your professional outlook towards it. Our intensive degree and diploma courses navigate through the fundamentals and advances of each specific segment while preparing the new event managers worldwide.

Segments of Event Industry:

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Marketing and Promotional Events

The event industry organizes marketing and promotional activities to capture a decent market for their products on display.The scope of such events is to mindfully lure customers to purchase their products... Read More

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Social Events

In addition to wedding and live and entertainment events, social events too exercise a unique position in the event industry. Existing as a blend of cultural and public events, sociale events aim to revolutionize the event industry through their wider social reach... Read More

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Media on Industry

India is currently living its dream run. With the help of an inspiring, ... Read More

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Wedding Management

In India, the Wedding Management Industry is one of the most flourishing endeavors in this organization. This is mainly because weddings are auspicious ceremonies sacred to the Indian culture and heritage... Read More

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Entertainment Events

India has witnessed a growing demand for live and entertainment events over the last decade. This is because people have transcended the previous era of screen-based viewership and have come to realize the live spectatorial flavors of the entertainment industry... Read More

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Exhibition and
Trade Fairs

India records a substantial growth in this specific segment of the industry. This is mainly because of the rising business networking among age-old companies, new start-ups, prospective stakeholders, stock market evaluations etc... Read More