Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Asia’s Best Event Management Institute

Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Alumni Testimonials

Prasad Mahajan

Vikrant Studio

“Being part of NAEMD has always been interesting and fun learning process for two years as a MBA. NAEMD has always been keen on helping its students understand and learn their chosen field in 360 degrees. Right from Vipul Sir to our office boy Nilesh, everyone have been supportive and encouraging in our journey of events with respect to academics and on field experience through variety of events to choose from. Today when people appreciate my work and ask about my institute, i proudly say that that i am NAEMD'ite. Thank you NAEMD for helping me to mold my career and to give me wonderful memories to cherish forever...”

Deepthi Parab


"Being associated with NAEMD for almost 2 years and now have been placed in a very good firm-Weddingz.in -India's largest Wedding Market. I would like to thank you for all the support given at the time of training and also gave me an opportunity to explore myself into the fields of event that made me learn a lot . It really gave me both practical and theoretical learning. It really help me build my confidence as an event manager.I would also like to thank Vipul sir and Amit sir for the best support given to me at the time of events and being available to help to overcome any hurdles faced at event and guide me. Proud to be a student of NAEMD.”

Hiren Devaliya

Ideas Unlimited

“My journey in NAEMD was wonderful, here we learned, plus had fun. The faculty here is very supportive in terms of exposure, they are always ready to teach and guide at any time. I loved when faculty shared their real life experiences, they faced related to industry. The practical trainings & internship helped us a lot in exploring and having actual in depth event knowledge. Practical trainings and internships are the core of events which I got time to time over here. I am overall satisfied with the placement I got. Special thanks to Amit sir for offering me multiple opportunities for placements and internships. Thank you team NAEMD”!

Sathya Sharma

Light House Entertainment

"NAEMD - A college worth to study in.The college has helped me in all possible ways to be what I am now The administration Team helped with the study materials and the Placement Team with practical training and internships followed by placements. No - is never a word for them. You just mention the company and they will get it for you. That is the work culture of this Team. Speaking on my personal practical training and internship, The college has provided me with great opportunities such as IPL, ISL, Weddings, NH7,etc. These were the events i was really interested in and because of the placement team i got my opportunity to work in such events. 64 events ,5 internships in two years... !!! ,these are just numbers but a well earned opportunity.. Above all these speaking about the Director - Mr. Vipul Solanki... He has been very supportive in all possible ways.. “

Jayprakash Roy

Shobiz Experiential Communication Pvt. Ltd.

“No journey is complete without a teacher" I firmly believe that NAEMD is the institution where you learn and grow in different perspective, the etiquettes, vision and discipline all you need to be successful event planner/manager under a single roof and to be shared who seeks for it". Despite of all the good, being a student to this institution realised that further improvements are required and I would like to bring your concern that students need to learn from the grass root level and also the culture which follows in an event firm, working as in for a day or two for an event for the rest of your course won't bring much effectiveness to all the students though. - Keep encouraging them to take part in internships that is the soul way that leads to conquer the inabilities and capabilities among us. -We need more tie-ups with the best companies of our industry and avoid getting into delusions of getting better work culture in smaller event management firms.

Karan Bharadwaj

Dow Media Pvt. Ltd.

“My experience at NAEMD has been outstanding, its undoubtedly the best Event Management institute which provides a sea full of opportunities to choose from. The faculty has been very cooperative in honing my career and guiding me in the best possible way. In a year of my course I've worked with one of the best event companies like 70 EMG, Percept, Clockworks, ESI & many more which was indeed very constructive and a learning experience. When it comes to placement, by far NAEMD has come upto its student's expectations as all students get placed in various disciplines. I got campus placement in DOW Media pvt ltd which helped me significantly kick start my career. My overall experience at NAEMD has been remarkable, didn't realised when the year passed by.I will definitely miss the faculty & friends I made here.”

Akash Rathod

Event Speciale

“My journey with NAEMD started with a single flame of hope of doing what I wanted to do since a school child. I came from a background which had no remote connections whatsoever with the showbiz or the industry. It was me placing simply blind trust on my instincts and the institution. Period. “NAEMD” as an institution was responsible to educate and train me for what lies ahead in the real world, which looks so glamorously attractive from the outside but is even more challenging in reality. Train me, in order to make me capable of identifying the opportunities and converting them into whatever I want. Needless to say, that they outshined in their job. Academic syllabus covering industries and not just events, Practical training spanning all genres of events, Internships at the Industry Trendsetters. But the most significant thing is the dedicated team of professionals ranging from office staff, academics team, events team, industry specialists to the Principal Mr. Vipul Solanki himself, who stood by me, for any and every challenge I faced, no matter which hour of the day it was. These two years have been a life changing journey!.”

Shalom Abraham

OM Grown Music

“Moving to Mumbai- the City of Dreams was something that fascinated me, and to experience it alongside an institution like NAEMD only enhanced it. The various opportunities I received to travel to different parts of this city and country as part of my practical trainings helped me gain an understanding about the event industry and also to know exactly what goes on while putting together an entire concert or a simple pool party. The knowledge received from the lectures and the extremely cooperative staff helped me recognize the back end / office side of an event thus making an individual like myself an asset to this industry. Finding my forte and for perfection, but also ensured that I got out of my comfort zone and handle unexpected situations when they arose. I really appreciate how much this college has helped me achieve so far with regard to the theory from classes and experiences while on ground potential became much easier as I did diverse events. Being able to work with some of the big names in the industry not only helped me strive. I look forward to what lies ahead of me with anticipation and excitement. Cheers!.”

Inteyaz Sayyed

Team Rustic

"It has been a matter of great pleasure and privilege to be a part of NAEMD Institute, especially a part of PGDAME. Not only has it been a roller coaster ride in the College on a personal front for the first year but also a great learning experience. How can I even attempt to fathom the complete implications of what the College has gifted me! And...the incredibly supportive and understanding faculties and friends I have here. What more could a student ask for?.Surprisingly, the campus exudes warmth and liveliness like none other. Through fun, frolic, fights, fundamental learning, friends and faculty... time breezes with productivity.It has given me the opportunities to showcase my talent. Yes, I am proud to be an NAEMDIAN. Apart from college would like to specially thanxz some of are Faculties :- • Vipul Sir • Amit Sir • Meghna Mam • Sneh Mam • Aditya Sir Above faculties has Supported us whenever we need them and its important for me to thanxz Amit sir for the support and motivation which he used to give us in and out of college. The teaching methodology being well collaborated with practical knowledge and exposure ascertain to achieve zenith success. Thank You NAEMD”

Sajani Kochunny

The Times of India

“It gives me an immense pleasure to share my thoughts about NAEMD from where I completed my PGDEM & PR in the year 2014. NAEMD helped me build a framework to learn the very core and basics of Event Management. The Faculty and courses have surpassed my expectations and Boosted my confidence to take up new Responsibilities. I would like to thank my Institute who has empowered me with hands on experience and an Internship which has opened doors for me to work with the Biggest and the Best Media Conglomerate in India 'The Times Of India' . I had the best experience studying at NAEMD and would to take this opportunity to thank the entire Team for their immense Support in helping us Stand Strong in this Global and Diverse Industry.”

Abhishek Jana

Percept Live Pvt. Ltd.

“The journey at NAEMD has been incredible from the start. The experience and exposure that this Institute has given us is amazing. If not for NAEMD, we students would not have got a chance to work with some of the top most event management companies and people in our industry. From large scale to small, from live events to sports events, I have experienced the various categories of events. I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the faculty are really close to the students. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my style of work and understanding of the industry at large. I would like to thank the entire faculty, Vipul Sir & Amit Sir for their constant support and the amazing journey that i have been a part of NAEMD.

Shruti Mittal

Cachet Events & Design Dolutions

“NAEMD - A Platform which give students the right amount of exposure to learn, perform and gain experience. NAEMD provides learning from scratch and makes sure, that when you are done with your respective course, You are strong and confident enough to face the challenges in the outer real world. From academics to practical trainings, they make you grow in each and every aspect possible and the faculty is available 24*7 to help you out or to solve your problems.I really like to thank the faculty and every individual associated to this DreamWorld for making what we are today and for making what NAEMD is what today ! As it is said Empowering learners worldwide and time and again NAEMD has successfully proved the same. Kuddos!”

Azim Khan

Rising Events

“Its difficult to sum up the memories and experience of three years in few lines. I consider myself very lucky for being a part of NAEMD. There is something motivational and special in this environment which made us study and enjoy co- curricular activities. All the professors are very helpful and they guided us at all times. Different events and sessions arranged which have boosted my confidence to a great extent which I can experience at my workplace now. Participating and organizing events of festivals and sports gave me a different enjoyable experience. These three years have given me friends for life. It has been an unforgettable journey. I had spent my wonderful days of life in NAEMD!"

Manish Semwal

Cachet Events & Design Solution

“NAEMD gives student a great platform to learn and gain experience not only in the field of events but also in enhancing our managerial skills. Thanks to Amit sir for guiding & helping us throughout the course and always he was there to show us the right track, I learnt a lot from him and from practical trainings, also by which college makes us meet the best event management companies in the Event Industry. The best part of NAEMD Institute is that it focuses on both the sides, practical trainings as well as theoretical classes. As it is said Empowering learners worldwide and time and again NAEMD has successfully proved the same.”

Abhilasha Benjal


New City, New Place, New College, New friends. It was a great journey of 2 years with NAEMD Mumbai. Got many opportunities from this college. Got chance to work with big Companies through NAEMD. I would not be here so known in industries, if not have been connected to this college. Experiencing MBA in Event Management is itself a big thing and Career Opportunities. Now doors are open for me everywhere when I say I am a MBA passout from NAEMD. Last but Not Least, thanking all the Respected Staff Mr. Vipul Solanki who treated us so well and always Motivated us to do something new. All other Staff and Faculties were so supportive and well treated.

Mohit Gupta

Om Grown Music

“Event Management is a field of creative thinking & amp; uniqueness, it is not only about planning and executing the correct way but being prepared to handle the unexpected. Being a part of this course at NAEMD gave me a clear insight as to how the event industry actually works, the practical training programme not only helped me to learn what it takes to manage an event but also be in the shoes of an event planner and take care of the unforeseen situations that arrive. The faculty at NAEMD is always available and willing to help, guiding you towards better opportunities. The colleagues help you out in every way. Here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.”

Pragati Shirur

Amir Khan Films Production

“NAEMD is the best Institute and is known for its excellence. Teachers are very caring and interested in students well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive; The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. Training and placement department continuously provided assistance regarding Events, internships and placements. It was because of their guidance and support that I got a wonderful job. The year, I spent there was splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person”.

Lakshmi Jayraj

J. Walter Thompson

“I joined NAEMD in August 2016 for a post graduate diploma in Event management. The exposure of events that the college, provides each student is numerous and of high exposure and quality events. I have met some of the best experts from the event industry, through these events. The selection process as well for each event, gives the student a confidence level to prepare themselves. The faculty at NAEMD is extremely good and helpful. I have been pre-placed through NAEMD at J Walter Thompson, Mumbai, which has been a dream for me to be working with such a great company. It is a dream come true in every sense. This dream has been possible through NAEMD, as they make sure every student deserves the best.”

Namrata Kale

Brand Next Media Pvt. Ltd.

“My NAEMD journey was started with late admission tag, but as I started attending lectures & events, they made me a part of them. I was very much clear about my event list on which events I want to work. I shared those with faculty and they helped me at their best to accomplish it. My best experience with NAEMD was working on JOSH 2016,where our faculty and students worked together as one team to make show successful. This helped me to learn different aspects of event management. The practical experience I achieved, it is helping me alot to put in all use in corporate world. I always got support from faculty & college mate. The time spend in NAEMD has been the best part of my life .”

Nikita Maheshwari

Shobiz Experiential Communication Pvt. Ltd.

“I was scared in the beginning about the journey and about joining NAEMD but now I am sure that I made the right choice. The journey with NAEMD has been spectacular.Vipul Sir, Amit Sir, Aditya Sir, Meghna Ma’am and all the faculty members are approachable and they will always give you the right guidance. One thing which I really appreciate about NAEMD is that all the faculty members are always there to help you out even after the placements. They will give you the right guidance and will help you even after you have been placed. I am thankful to NAEMD for this beautiful journey. I am proud to be a part of this college.”

Shashank Karande

Mantra Events & Promotion

“Right since the first day at NAEMD it was a great journey. The staff are very helpful and attend to you whenever needed. NAEMD gives a great industry exposure to all aspiring Event Managers like us in various segments like Wedding, Corporate, Live Concerts etc. A special thanks to Amit sir and Aditya sir for being there with us in all our ups and downs throughout the out campus events and not to forget Vipul Sir for the great work he is doing by guiding us on the right path to make the right choice. It was a great journey altogether and finally a great campus selection. Cheers to NAEMD, the best place from where an event manager can be born.”

Lakshay Mohala


“The journey with NAEMD was overall too good. Had lot of learning through events given by NAEMD.I would like to thank Vipul Sir, Amit sir and Meghna Maam for their immense support at the time of Events. Today I being an event manager,I am placed in one of the India's largest Wedding Market-Weddingz.in. Thank you for the opportunity you gave to me to explore the fields of event and build my confidence. At the end it was really a great journey with NAEMD. Proud to be a student of NAEMD.”

Suraj Shetty

Sports For All (SFA)

“It has been a boundless and alluring journey at this great Institution. NAEMD has nurtured my personality to become a vibrant Event Manager. I thank my faculty and fellow mates of NAEMD for being a part of this growth and helping me succeed in my career. A very special thank you to my placement managers for giving me some amazing opportunities to work on some brilliant events. These events have only helped me gaining maximum experience and exposure to the world of events.”

Nikita Chouhan

brandnext Media Pvt. Ltd

“Looking back on my three years of college I've had some life changing experiences, which has helped me evolve through these years of learning with a lasting impact. NAEMD has not only restricted the learning process to text books but has also given the exposure to events through practical training. Thank you to my co-ordinators for their immense constant support and encouragement, and also for all the motivation and guidance extended during my journey" - Sincerely, A grateful graduating college senior.”

Ivan Fernandes

Bombay High

“I have a great pleasure in writing a few lines for NAEMD as a whole, from the top - Mr. Vipul Solanki (sir) Thank you for your polite and understanding behaviour towards us, specially me; and a very special thanks to Mr. Amit Narvekar... An amazing person, a good friend and a wonderful mentor who always cared about me and others too. Thank u all for being whenever needed.

Saloni Sinha

Veloces Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

“It feels proud to be a part of NAEMD, they showed us the road to success by giving an exposure in the field of events/ media and entertainment. The most important thing is that they don’t make you feel out of the NAEMD family even after the placements are done. I still can clear my doubts and ask for help whenever I am in dilemma. Thanks a ton for helping and guiding us throughout.” Cheers!!!.”

Jagriti Pincha

Hansa Events & Activation

“NAEMD has definitely opened various doors for me in the event industry with the kind of exposure they have provided throughout the years. From events, internships and now a job, opportunities have been plentiful in regards to having a great working experience in the industry with big as well as upcoming event companies in the city. The faculty has been nothing but supportive and provided guidance to me in my time here with them.”

Mayukh Roy


Journey at NAEMD: "One of the most profound event management institute in Asia. Superb teaching culture, experienced & friendly faculties with great administrative skills and overall comfortable environment for students. Institute provides opportunities to various range of events, internships and jobs. I had a pleasant time studying here with loads of hands on experience & exposure which was indeed my eye opener to the event industry. Thank you NAEMD for your gracious support to achieve my targeted goals."

Faron Fernandes

Sports for all

Hi this is Faron Fernandes from Mumbai, who had a dream during my graduation course to enter into the glamorous world. Found out the best event Management Institute and just the one institute that came front of me was NAEMD and Public relation. Also this institute gave us the on field training with the top companies in events. Today after my completion of my course I am placed at upcoming reputed firm “SPORTS FOR ALL “with the help of the Institute placements. I am very thankful to the Institute for supporting me for what I am today. Indeed the No.1 institute!!!!

Delphina Fernandes


Just a few words about NAEMD… it really is one of the best college in India. I couldn’t have asked for more; the staff and the teachers were so helpful to me, whenever there was anything. I found all the classes extremely exam-focused and practical trainings have really help me in my current working condition. The staff is very motivating I would recommend to all who are really looking to learn, explore and have practical knowledge about the Industry- ‘THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE’.

Suraj Humraskar

Team Rustic

Hi, This is to inform you that it feels a great pleasure to thank you for assisting me for a placement in Team Rustic Private Limited. This has been a good start to my career, I would specially like to thank Vipul Sir and Amit Sir for helping me always.



Journey at NAEMD: “NAEMD Professors and backend team is a very nice team. Each and every time they come a step forward to help. Had a very nice experience and learned a lot. Kudos to NAEMD Team.”

Nidhi Dhand

Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt Ltd

"The Course helped me in building up a strong base for my career and the practical trainings made us learn the way, events are planned and executed. -Thank You NAEMD"

Anjali Rupani

Enkaptivate Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd.

“The journey from a normal girl to an Event Manager through NAEMD was most delightful !! NAEMD gave me courage that i lacked, encouraged me to explore the hidden talent in myself. It Trained me to be a Professional individual in Event Industry.”

Ankush Agrawal

Geometry Global Encompass Network

"It was a wonderful experience studying in NAEMD with an enthusiastic and idealistic staff. Vision of this institute had always inspired me towards grooming my career and my personality. Practical experiences helped us in covering the knowledge and loopholes of events. It takes a long time in losing than winning in NAEMD."

Priyanka Sharma

Geomerty Global Encompass Network

“The journey in NAEMD has indeed been a good one. The Institute gave us ample opportunities for practical training in almost all departments of an Event to gain an overall experience. The faculty is very supportive. The Institute gives an opportunity to the students to give their best and choose a career of their choice with decent placement options.”

Amita Foplankar

Sportz Consult

"It's just not about getting a best job options but it helps to build your personality as well, which makes you a better and successful person in life and career."

Saif Sayyed

Enkaptivate Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd.

"NAEMD helped me out in realising my passion. Thanks to NAEMD i am successfully working as a Operations Executive in Enkaptivate Events & Promotions. THANK YOU NAEMD FOR A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!”

Sonal Nambiar

Sportz Consult

It has been a wonderful journey with NAEMD. Learnt and gained so much of experience from college and different events. Thanks for the amazing 2 years!!

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