NAEMD - Asia's Best

Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

Marketing and Promotional Events


The event industry organizes marketing and promotional activities to capture a decent market for their products on display. The scope of such events is to mindfully lure customers to purchase their products.

To accomplish this objective, the companies promote the brand value of their products through attractive offers, discounts and schemes. In short, they try every possible means to create a suitable and user-friendly market for their brands.

Product Launches

Product launches denote a company’s debut effort through an organized event in order to market their products. For this, the firms hire a proper venue to install their new products and exhibit their merits.

The primary purpose of a product launch is to invite customers and their target audience to purchase their products. To concretize this objective, the product brand managers attach suitable offers and discount tags with their new launch. Moreover, product launches are also essential to gather appropriate feedback. This subsequently helps the company to work on their shortcomings, if any.

Short Term Sales Promotion

Under this, the company conducts competitions and contests to create a unique brand preference for their products. Short term sales promotions usually take place around restaurants and shopping malls. At these venues, the company offers free trials of their products and convinces the customers to make a purchase.

Furthermore, these types of marketing and promotional events take place in a highly informal setting. This allows them to invite unplanned customers in order to showcase them their high quality products and services

Publicity Marketing

Publicity marketing refers to sending selected invitations to the public and media for an interview cum discussion on a company’s debut launches. Usually, a company's brand manager serves as the spokesperson in such publicity marketing events. And such events blend both formal and informal methods of presentation and participation into it.

In most of the cases, the managing team executes its publicity plans with a brilliant and a mindful workforce at the back. It anticipate questions related to their products as well as their reception by the immediate public.

Segments of Event Industry:


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Exhibition and
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Corporate Events

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