Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education


Exhibition and Trade Fairs

India records a substantial growth in this specific segment of the industry. This is mainly because of the rising business networking among age-old companies, new start-ups, prospective stakeholders, stock market evaluations etc.

However, astonishingly speaking, this sector receives the minimum attention from aspirants coming forward to connect with the industry. The primary reason for this is the lack of glamour and majestic appeal which the entertainment and wedding management industry practice. Therefore, most of the aspirants opt for the previous two segments as opposed to exhibitions and trade fairs. But, understanding the other side of the coin, this particular segment furnishes a vast opportunity for professional skill development.

In fact, this segment stimulates a curriculum balance between theoretical learning and practical application. It also helps in magnifying business outreach and supplementing fruitful networking. Furthermore, logical analysts critically examine the impact of these professional events on the economic demand and supply chain. As per research, exhibitions and fairs foster the economic equilibrium between buyers and sellers under a single roof. This method subsequently pivots an effective channel for marketing and wholesale and retail distribution.

Thus, this segment incorporates an extensive exposure to the event industry. However, before opting for this segment, be ready for tremendous hard work and long-standing dedication. And finally, this one if for those who are interested to engender a professional tuning in the growing global businesses across borders.

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