Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in Event Management Education
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Asia’s Best Event Management Institute

Celebrating 23 Years of Excellence in
Event Management Education

Industry Testimonials

Pramod Janardhanan

Sportz Consult

We had an excellent experience with NAEMD students.Mentioned below are some of the qualities we could find in them –

  1. Ready to work hard and at odd timings if needed.
  2. Excellent grasping power. Once told the job was well understood and proactively undertaken.
  3. Each student had willingness to learn and implement.

Abhijeet Mhatre


Working with NAEMD team give a sense of satisfaction! I have seen kids taking ownership of the event and they strive hard to make one successful. I sincerely say that such students are the crown jewel of your academy who work relentlessly with undying spirits day and night. This attitude builds a brand called “YOU” and people recognize you with the work you do.

Dhanraj Madnani

Maximus MICE & Media Solutions

“The students have been of great support in many of our events. It’s always been a pleasure training them because the response rate to our training has been better than expected in most situations. The exposure that NAEMD provides to their students by having companies like us on board, helping them train is really commendable and appreciated by the industry”

Naeemeh Alavi

Event Speciale

Event Speciale would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the students of NAEMD for your very active participation in all of our events. On both, a professional and a personal level, we really appreciated the time that we were able to spend together for fun and reflection during our events.

Pallavi Jayakar

Cachet Events and Design Solutions

NAEMD is not just a institution but it is a platform to groom students towards the challenges in event industry. Looking at the macro view of things, the college not only provides motivational training but also offers a great environment, such that the students understand the pressure and crisis in difficult situations

Neehal Shaikh

Times of India Red Cell

The team was very proactive in execution of every minute aspects of the event, which lead to a complete delight of our sponsors and internal management, which finally created the “WOW” factor, Thank you once again and looking forward for another association for our future projects.

Pritha Pandey


NAEMD has always been an institution who have been providing an enthusiastic batch of students. Over 4 years we have been consistent in receiving the best team, with individuals who are very hard working with the zeal to learn. We are happy with the students and their performances.

Manish Gandhi

ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt ltd

Thanks to NAEMD and its students for all the hard work, flexibility and diligence in assisting ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences with all the event planning, marketing and operations services that led up to all the positive results at various expos organized by ABEC through the year.

Pooja Bhalla

Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd

“We have been partnering with NAEMD on multiple occasions on Mirror events and have found the students to be dedicated and hands-on. The students are well-versed to handle different activities during the event and can follow the briefs & improvise.

Viraj Shetty

Coalesce Eventz India Pvt

NAEMD students reflect the qualities of a good leader which I am positive was inherited from your prestigious college. They show the potential of excelling in careers and being responsible members of the society.

Harshal Kothari

Rising Events

NAEMD students are fantastic ! They are keen, intelligent, hard working, creative and easy-going. Very few young people want to work and accept that they need to start from scratch in every department, and make their way up, with everything that involves.

Amit Jadhav

Percept Live

It gives me an immense pleasure to express my feelings towards students who have been part of various projects of our organization. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication.

Pooja P Ghai

Sports for all

“We have worked with so many students from NAEMD over the past couple of years and not once has a single NAEMDian has disappointed us!!! Thank you guys for all your support and keep up the good work.

Rohit Chheda

Horizon Wie

NAEMD has made it possible for us to take maximum events on the same days by providing the kind of students needed. We would like to congratulate the college for sharing some of their brilliant students and helping us to make our event successful.

Rozina Gaziyani

Upper Crust Food Show and Dog A’Fair

An event management institute is certainly a welcome initiative and we look forward to many more bright young individuals enrolled in such institutions as NAEMD to work with us in our events

Yatin Gandhi

Fashion Show Director and Stylist

20 trainees from NAEMD had managed my KORA Fashion Show, with great team spirit, dedication and punctuality.Wishing all the bright students a great career ahead

Niphul Jain

Meltwater Events

NAEMD is one of the best institutes for Event Management in India. All the student are very disciplined, know their subject very well and are very dedicated towards their job, whether big or small.

Amol Gavali

Carnival Media

Overwhelmed is one word to describe my initial feeling for the students of NAEMD . The years spent in NAEMD will make students grow better professionally and personally.

Vikrant Hinge


NAEMD students have always exceeded the expectations in terms of energy level, Excitement, Motivation, professionalism and punctuality.

Ekta Saigal Lulla

Event Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.

NAEMD not only solved this problem for us but also changed our perception towards event institutes.

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