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NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing & Events (DAME) at NAEMD Mumbai

DAME in event management college Mumbai
DAME in event management college Mumbai
University of Mumbai's
Garware Institute of Career Education and Development

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Event management is a thriving industry with undoubted expansion in the coming years and an employment pool for new talents through this diploma program. This sector is a balance of challenges and opportunities. You play the creator of a make-believe world to make others' life events memorable. Lucrative compensation and daunting job schedules are worth the immense opportunities for students to be a part of the front-page highlights.

This interdisciplinary course boasts of endowing students with business acumen, communication skills, compelling management sense, and marketing tricks. The specialisations acquired through the DAME program in event management helps to build the foundation for exploring the various relevant employment sectors. This advanced-level program leads to new heights and accolades through further learning and high-ranking jobs in the event management sector.



1.1 Introduction to Event Management

1.2 Communication, PR & Presentation Skills for Events

1.3 Event Management Planning

1.4 Event Production Process and Resource

1.5 Event Hospitality, Law and Permissions

1.6 Practical Event Management - I


2.1 Advertising and Sales Promotion

2.2 Event Marketing & Sponsorship

2.3 Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management

2.4 Special Events – Wedding Planning & Live Events

2.5 Media Management

2.6 Practical Event Management - II

NAEMD Mumbai is not a 'University' and 'not affiliated to a university' and does not admit any students in degree courses. It facilitates the students by career counseling to take admission in Universities and Colleges which offer courses in Event Management.

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