NAEMD - Asia's Best

Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2023

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2023


Published In : Education Times
(Times of India)

Event management is a sunrise sector that is set to gallop in the coming years. Education Plus peeps into this exciting career.

Promotion Tool

Pravin Joshi, Campus Head of NAEMD "an event management company, puts the trend in perspective: "Major brands thrive on publicity, not advertising." More and more companies are now looking for avenues to perk up sales or promote brands through on-the-ground events.

What It Entails

As the name suggests, event management is all about planning, organising and executing an event, which facilitates brand bonding with the consumer. The event, of course, could take the form of an exhibition, an exposition, a concert, a rock show or a cricket match. Companies have realized that events like sports, musicals and live concerts can work wonders for their brand and corporate image.

A regular event management company has five departments–

  • Client Servicing, which involves interaction with the client, understanding his needs and presentation of alternative solutions
  • Production, which involves managing back-end jobs like stage fabrication, sound and lights, projections etc.
  • Creative, which involves visualisation and formulation of the appropriate message and the relevant ambience
  • Operations, which involves dealing with vendors and managing the artists
  • Sales and Marketing, which involves gathering marketing intelligence and making the sales pitch.

Special Courses Help:

Earlier, an MBA degree was considered desirable, if one wished to pursue a career in event management. However, the phenomenal growth of the industry has spawnf d an avalanche of exclusive course in event management. Professional courses help as they prepare one for the tasks ahead. While working on projects organised by the institute one can gather a basic idea about different aspects like Production and execution of events.

What It Takes

While starry-eyed students might enroll for a course hoping to make it big in a few years, success often boils down to individual flair, talent and hands-on experience. To begin with, an aspiring event manager needs to be an organised person. Commitment and enthusiasm often takes precedence over age and experience. The key, therefore, is a right blend of hard work and dynamism. The success of an event management team also depends upon its capacity to procreate themes that have never been thought of before. Again, one should have an in-depth understanding of the product or the brand for which the event is being organised. To sharpen your skills as an event manager, try organising programmes in your housing society most important are you’re networking skills. So, you should be a good public relations and marketing person. You should develop contacts in the corporate sector and be able to rustle up sponsors. Good contacts in the media are also an asset. If you can give value for money to sponsors, nothing can stop you from reaching the top.

Future Scenario

The future outlook is extremely bright. Persone can expect around Rs. 8000 -10000. As starting package and it can be up to 50,000/- with experience. As Pravin Joshi rightly points out: "Events begin where glamour ends."