NAEMD - Asia's Best

Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

MBA in Event Management & PR at NAEMD Ahmedabad

mba event management ahmedabad
mba event management ahmedabad
NAEMD - Recognised Institution of
IGNTU - Central University

Offers Degree and Diploma Programmes in

MBA is a professional course that instils business, communication and organisational attributes in students. These are the commandments for accomplishing a managerial post. The event management business required highly energised personalities, for which experts needed to be equipped with planning and performance resources.

The MBA degree course in event management makes the aspirant analyse its ability through practical projects, internships, event workshops, and master classes. The curriculum contributes to strengthening learners' planning and communicating skills by designing grooming classes accordingly. In addition, students get exposed to lectures offered by guests from various industries. This endows them with comprehensive knowledge for dealing with clients from similar industries as a manager in future.

mba event management ahmedabad
Offers Degree and Diploma Courses in

You get to learn the depth of event technicalities and operations and their roles in event management. The aspirants also trained in brand, media, advertising and PR. MBA in Event Management & PR degree is a concoction of various study disciplines like public relations, media management, advertisement, brand management, corporate communications, tourism marketing, etc. Each of these subjects infuses you with specific abilities for grabbing job roles in other industrial sectors like media and communication, advertising, marketing, tourism, and so on.

An MBA degree in event management is essential for developing the business acumen required to start an organisation of your own. In addition, the study curriculum imparts complete knowledge of channelising the available financial and material resources in the most profit-earning manner.



1.1 Principles of Management

1.2 Marketing Management

1.3 Business Communication

1.4 Introduction to Event Management

1.5 Event Planning & Venue Management

1.6 Event Team & Crew Management

1.7 Basics of Practical Event Management – I


2.1 Advertising Management

2.2 Human Resource Management

2.3 Experiential Marketing & Technology

2.4 Soft skills and Personality Development

2.5 Event Production Process

2.6 Event Marketing & Sponsorship

2.7 Basics of Practical Event Management – II


3.1 Brand Management

3.2 Public Relations

3.3 Event Hospitality

3.4 Event Resource Management

3.5 Special Events – Wedding Planning & Live events

3.6 Information Technology in Business Management

3.7 Work Based Learning Route (Internship)


4.1 Media Management

4.2 Public Relations

4.3 Safety & Risk Management

4.4 Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management

4.5 Legal Aspects of Event Management

4.6 Special Events, MICE & Corporate Events

4.7 Professional Industry Engagement-Final Project